Make Your Own Hoodie with a Custom Online Design

Hoodies are a staple of casual wear and they are also common garments for athletic training and working out at the gym. It makes perfect sense to beef up your wardrobe with custom-designed hoodies because if you are going to use them, why not make them part of your personal branding?


Kinds of hoodies

Design Your Own Hoodie When you open a custom shirt/hoodie website to have custom-printed hoodies made, it’s important that you know the differences between hoodies because there are various categories to choose from. The most common hoodie that people buy are actually called casual or lightweight hoodies.

These hoodies are made of cotton, they’re easy to wear and quite light, and are cheap, too. If you wear hoodies as a normal part of your daily getup, then casual hoodies are a good idea. You can keep the cost of having custom-print hoodies down by stick to well-loved budget hoodies.

Next in line would be the “extra dry hoodies.” Extra-dry hoodies are meant to double as performance garments, to keep the wearer dry while working out. These are different from casual hoodies that may not be made from pure cotton, or from a combination of fabrics that are meant for intense motion.

Intense motion can damage clothes in time; if something was tagged as a performance garment, that means it was meant to be worn for long periods of time while you are performing physical exertions.

The last type of hoodie would be the sports or athletic hoodies. These are the hoodies that are not meant for casual wear (not really) but for athletic endeavors. These hoodies are not made from pure cotton but usually a combination of different fabrics like spandex, cotton, and nylon. In the price category, these hoodies are the most expensive because they are technically sportswear.

Obviously, function would play a huge role in your selection of the hoodie that would eventually get printed on. What do you intend to do with the custom hoodie? If you are planning to just use the hoodie for casual wear, then the lightweight ones are a good choice. But if you are planning to wear the hoodie during training for any sport, then we recommend that you buy the “eco dry” or performance hoodies instead. Wearing the right apparel for the right type of activity is key to remaining comfy in your clothes.


Design that great hoodie

There are so many ways to Design Your Own Hoodie unique and expressive. A custom hoodie is part of your personal branding, it identifies you, and helps people understand what you are all about.

Where can you get design ideas for your first custom hoodie? Inspiration abounds all around us, actually. Look at your current wardrobe and try to find a unifying them that makes your wardrobe unique.

What kinds of designs have you been wearing all these years? Why? Get into the psyche of your own taste in clothes, and you can get a good idea as to what other designs would make your wardrobe even better.

Another great source of inspiration for a hoodie design would be your personal interests in life. Think of the books that you read, TV shows and films that you watch, the art that you appreciate, and even the music that you listen to.

These are all parts of a whole, the entirety of which is you. Get inspiration from what you love the most and the most natural and appealing designs will manifest. You won’t have to brainstorm long for these new concepts for your custom hoodies.

When you know where your design is going to come from, it is time to decide how you are going to render that idea into artistic reality.

Are you going to manually draw the design on a piece of paper and color it? Or will you be using the talent of another artist to bring it to life? There is also the option of creating your own digital masterpiece with the help of a digital illustrator or image editor.


Aesthetics tips  

To make your design even more memorable, here are some technical tips:


    1. Learn to work with complementary colors, and make sure that you know which colors harmonize with one another. Avoid mixing too many colors at once. Work slowly, taking into account how one color affects the presence of the previous color.


  1. Know the basics of emotion, lines, curves, and shapes. These four have different emotional effects on people, and using them correctly will help you achieve the effect that you want for your design. Your hoodie design is a form of art, it just so happens that it will be printed on a piece of fabric to be worn. But aesthetically speaking, you are still doing art.


  1. Don’t finalize your artwork immediately. Your best option would be to first draft the design on paper before deciding on its final form.


Remember that if you are drafting a design on paper, we always begin with a pencil outline, followed by ink, and then we color the design finally. This way, you will have full control of the contouring, the colors and the overall integrity of the design.


  1. Coloration can be modified digitally if you know how to use image-editing software. In the event that you are not too technically gifted with computers, you can always use mobile image editing software and apply filters.


Design Your Own HoodieFilters are preset color configurations for images that arrive at predictable outputs. You will be able to see immediately what one filter does to the image and reverse the effect if you are not satisfied with it.

Apps like Adobe Photoshop and Instagram all have image filters, and now would be a great time to really maximize the use of these applications. Who knows? With the application of the right type of filter, your design might end up a true masterpiece.


  1. And finally, don’t forget to get feedback about your artwork from other people. Feedback can help you see aspects of your work that may not have been apparent precisely because all of it was designed by you.