How Innovation Is Keeping Neck Lanyards Relevant

When neck lanyards were first invented, its creators probably never expected that it would slowly evolve into newer and better versions.

Nowadays, there are lanyards that can be used for just about any purpose, including the following:

1. As water bottle holders. This means that the lanyard has to have a strong clip or hook that has an auto-lock system to avoid slipping. These types of lanyards are mostly used by mountaineers who need to keep their hands free most of the time, but still be able to access their water supplies in a snap.

2. As loops for holding digital cameras, MP3 players, cellphones, and other types of gadgets. This is most suitable to people who like listening to music while working out and those who need to take candid pictures as soon as the moment presents itself.

3. For holding identification cards so that students and employees wouldn’t have to root around in their bags whenever they need their IDs.

Custom LanyardsNeck lanyards have many other practical uses, even in the home. This is why its popularity never seems to wane despite the passing of years. And there is one new improvement in the lanyard that environmentally-conscious individuals are sure to love: the invention of a type of lanyard that is made entirely out of recycled materials. Specifically, it is made out of recycled plastic water bottles. In order to turn these into neck lanyards, the bottles are ground on a machine into tiny flakes. It then goes through a long process of de-polymerization and re-polimerization so that the resulting filament yarns can be woven into the so-called green lanyard.

Neck lanyards are often made out of two different types of materials:

1. Nylon

2. Polyester

These materials are chosen because they are durable and are very easy to print designs on. Nylon and polyester are also not as expensive as other types of durable cloth materials. This means that lanyard manufacturers would be able to offer their customers good value for their money in terms of quality, and would still be able to spice it up by adding customized designs according to the customer’s specifications.

However, there are also some lanyard manufacturers who have taken risks in creating neck lanyards that are made out of uncommon materials such as stainless steel lanyards with really thin neck loops and dog tags where the small loop or snap hook should be. Another welcome innovation in the lanyard industry is the introduction of the parcorded lanyard.

Paracorded neck lanyards are often made out of heavy-duty rounded cords that are looped over each other in a series of cobra knots until the desired length of the neck loop is achieved. A key ring or snap hook is often attached on one end of the loop so that it can serve its purpose as a lanyard. Paracorded lanyards are have become quite popular because they often come in different shapes and sizes.

There are also some paracorded lanyards that do not just have one end with a key ring but has multiple tips where key rings and snap hooks are attached. This means that a single paracorded lanyard can be worn around the neck while its various tips serve multiple purposes. And the good thing is that anybody can just turn the paracorded lanyard into a do-it-yourself project.

All you have to do is to purchase all the necessary materials in his desired color and specifications, and then look up the many different instructional materials on the internet on making paracorded lanyards. He might even be able to turn that DIY hobby into a future money-making machine, either by writing his own tutorial blog about it or selling all the paracorded lanyards that he has already finished.